EPA Observes International Day For Ozone Layer Preservation

Dr. Henry Kwabena Kokofu, Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has engaged community members and students from tertiary and secondary schools to raise awareness about the ozone layer, its impacts, and the issue of its depletion.

The outreach forms part of activities commemorating World Ozone Day and the outstanding advancements made in Ozone Layer restoration undertaken in the Ashanti, Eastern, Volta, and Western regions.

Celebrated under the theme, “fixing the ozone layer and reducing climate change”, it seeks to reaffirm the commitment to protecting the ozone layer and the planet for generations to come.

UNDP Resident Representative, Angela Lusigi, noted that, as the government is committed to addressing pressing ozone challenges, UNDP is also committed to support the government in halting ozone depletion and fostering a sustainable and safe environment for all.

The EPA with support from UNDP has provided technical training for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) technicians and trained workshop owners in good refrigeration practices, hydrocarbon as an alternative refrigerant, and hydrocarbon technology transfer, raising awareness among key stakeholders on the Montreal Protocol and Kigali amendment’s regulations on ODSs.

In a statement, the EPA said, “it remains committed to national and international collaboration to address these evolving threats. While significant progress has been made, challenges remain. Together we can collaboratively work to protect the ozone layer and our planet for generations to come” it stated.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke 


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