Experts Score Veep High On Vision

Prof. Smart Sarpong


Some experts have given the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, thumbs up for his delivery in his address to the nation on Wednesday, February 7.

The address on the theme, “Ghana’s next chapter: Selfless leadership and bold solutions for the future,” proffered some bold solutions to the challenges facing the country, as he seeks the mandate of Ghanaians in the December elections.

The presidential candidate of the NPP announced a raft of measures he intends to implement if elected president.

They include the introduction of a flat tax regime, scrapping the E-Levy and empowering the private sector to stimulate economic growth.

Reacting to the address on the Asaase Breakfast Show, the Director Of Research And Innovation, at the Kumasi Technical University, Prof. Smart Sarpong said, “ … for the fact that he has been the first to answer the question, he would have scored some marks to attempt the question because some aspirants are beating around the bush.

“They (aspirants) are trying to touch bits and bits (of the issues), they’ve not been bold. With all the aspirants that we know, he is the only one that has attempted to solve the problem of the day,” he said.

“So, for that, he will score two points, and then for the entire content and the quality of his vision, maybe I’ll give him some six points. So overall, he will score eight over ten,” Prof. Sarpong added.

Richard Asante Yeboah, the Executive Secretary of the Public Servants’ Housing Loan Scheme Board, also said, “He (Dr. Bawumia) understands what needs to be done to transform this country, all we have to do is support him and vote for him to carry us along the path of transformation.

“I will give 9.5 over ten because I’m looking at the clarity of thought and the way he articulated the vision,” he said.

Meanwhile, a development economist, Frank Bannor, has said the 2024 presidential candidate of the governing NPP was practical in the policies he outlined on Wednesday February 7, 2024.

Bannor said the policies outlined by Bawumia show that he is thinking outside the box. Dr. Bannor added that he would give Dr. Bawumia a score of 80%.

“… In terms of the Vice President trying to relax some taxes and create a level playing field, this is clearly a thinking outside-the-box idea.

“As a reviewer, if I was supposed to review the presentation, obviously I will score him 80%. One of the things that struck me that much, and I think we’ve not had time to talk about, is the setting up of the Minerals Development Bank,” Bannor added.

Very Persuasive

Also, the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) says the presidential candidate of the NPP, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has a very persuasive and laid out plan to help him attain his 2025 vision.

“I believe it was very persuasive and laid out to aid him to attain the said goal,” Humphrey Ayim-Darke, the president of the Association of Ghana Industries said.

Ayim-Darke said he believes in Dr. Bawumia’s digitalisation vision.

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