Eyes In Dubai Hosts Sandra Ankobiah, Sarkodie

Sarkodie. Kingsley Kojo Aikins and Sandra Ankobiah in Dubai


Eyes In Dubai, a Ghanaian-owned Dubai-based travel and tour agency, is making a significant impact in discovering beautiful scenery and creating unforgettable memories through its services.

The company founded by Kingsley Kojo Aikins, also known as the Dubai Plug, is widely known as the best hospitality brand to provide the finest customer services in Dubai.

The agency, which is headquartered in Dubai and has franchises throughout Africa, focuses primarily on providing an upscale experience for customers in need of quality hospitality services such as short-term rental options, as well as a platform where people can book travel experiences all year round.

Eyes In Dubai comes with services like pick-up and drop-off services, photography, visas, ticketing, hotel reservations, and remarkable touring activities.

Eyes In Dubai has created a platform to indulge clients’ fantasies and live their dreams with their sumptuous travel offers. They provide accommodation, travel, and hospitality services and have the best travel packages.

Speaking to the founder, he said, “Our hidden gem is giving clients a mind-blowing travel experience with beautiful content for them to always look back at, making it a truly unforgettable experience like no other.”

“Eyes In Dubai provides you with an excellent experience, as our clients’ satisfaction matters a lot. Aside from expecting high-quality customer service and a great deal of content (photography and videography), our customers can also expect to be provided with excellent VIP service,” he added.

Eyes In Dubai has hosted renowned personalities like Bola Ray, Sarkodie, Sandra Ankobiah, and the DWP Academy, and also has hosted great personalities from the USA, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Mali, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other great families from all over the world who want to experience Dubai.