Fetish Priest Shoots Cabbie Dead Over Goat

Collins Asamoah

A FETISH Priest, who decided to chase a man who killed his mother’s goat with a long gun, has bizarrely ended up shooting dead an innocent taxi driver at Ntroaku in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti Region.

The suspect, Collins Asamoah, 25, reportedly, was adjusting the single barrel long gun, which he had threatened to use to confront the man that had killed the goat, when he accidentally pulled the trigger to kill a taxi driver called Kwadwo Antwi, 28.

Antwi, a native of Adansi Ahensan, according to a police report, was seated close to his car at Ntroaku township and looking for passengers, when the bullet pierced through his chest and killed him later on.

The incident infuriated the youth of Adansi Ahensan, who retaliated by burning the fetish priest’s three bedroom house at Agoogoso before causing damage to his (Asamoah’s) mother’s house at Ntroaku.

“On 22/11/21 at about 7:30am, suspect was armed with a single barrel gun from Agoogoso to Ntroaku. Suspect was going to confront a man who had killed her mother’s goat with the gun but did not meet him. Antwi had parked his taxi along Ntroaku township soliciting for passengers and seated about 10 feet from his taxi. Suspect stood on the road at about 37 feet from where Antwi was seated and trying to adjust the folded gun.

According to the police, “force was applied by suspect in adjusting the gun, which had ammunition and its muzzle facing the deceased, as it accidentally discharged hitting the left side of the chest of Antwi.”

It added that Antwi was rushed to Benito Mani Hospital by witnesses together with the suspect but he died whilst on admission, a heartbreaking incident, which angered the youth of Adansi Ahensan to take the law into their hands.

“The youth of Adansi Ahensan were outraged by the conduct of the suspect and set his three bedroom house at Agoogoso ablaze. The youth further caused extensive damage to the house of the suspect’s mother at Ntroaku,” the police said, adding that the suspect is in police custody and the gun retrieved.

The police have assured to send Asamoah to court without delay, as efforts are being made to arrest the youth from Ahensan, who burnt the suspect’s house.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi