Fidelity Bank Committed To Leveraging Agility To Foster Innovation

Edna Engmann


FIDELITY BANK has reaffirmed its commitment to leveraging on agility and transformation to foster innovation in the banking sector.

Edna Engmann, Head of Transformation Programmes at Fidelity Bank Ghana, who disclosed this when she delivered a keynote address recently on the imperative need for agile methodologies in the banking industry.

Captioned “Chaos: That is how it is”, Edna’s insights resonated deeply with attendees, shedding light on Fidelity’s pioneering role in adopting agile methodologies to accelerate innovation, enhance customer centricity, and bolster resilience.

She highlighted Fidelity’s journey in adopting agile practices, emphasising the bank’s acknowledgment of the need for tailored solutions, specifically addressing the challenges unique to the financial industry. With a focus on fostering a collaborative and empowering environment, she underlined the significance of transitioning from individual-centric performance management to a more team-oriented approach, highlighting the role of leadership in catalysing this cultural shift.

She also underscored the necessity of avoiding big bang changes, advocating a test-and-learn approach and incremental adjustments in the financial sector.

Commenting on the multifaceted challenges of the modern world, she delved into the impact of COVID-19, stubborn inflation rates, and the imperative drive towards sustainable development in the face of global economic uncertainty. Her astute analysis emphasised the critical role of strategic planning and adaptability in overcoming these hurdles, reaffirming Fidelity Bank’s resilience in navigating complex economic landscapes.

Edna’s shed light on the intricate web of modern customer and employee expectations, advocating for a human-centric approach within a rapidly evolving workspace. Recognizing the transformative potential of technology and innovation, she stressed the importance of creating a conducive ecosystem for the growth of various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, and renewable energy, highlighting the imperative role of data-driven decision-making and scalable technology adoption.

She additionally encouraged participants to embrace the inherent unpredictability of life, positioning chaos as a conduit for fostering resilience and growth. She emphasised the need for a collective shift towards an agile mindset, celebrating the benefits of enhanced innovation, adaptive leadership, and customer-centric strategies, emphasizing the role of organizational culture and agile methodologies in facilitating sustainable and ethical business practices.

The Agile in Africa Summit is a conference that aims to promote the adoption and practice of agile methodologies in Africa. The theme for the 2023 edition was “Maximise the Power of our Creative Imagination using Agile: Thinking Beyond the Pandemic and the Global Crisis, Creating Organisations that are best suited for Human Beings to Thrive.”

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