Finland’s Ambassador Calls On Daily Guide

Left left  Emmi Mwanzagi, Gina Blay, Suomela-Chowdhury and Fortune Alimi

Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury, Finland’s Ambassador responsible for Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Liberia, has called on DAILY GUIDE as part of her initiative to court media support to disseminate information on the centenary celebration of her country’s independence this year.

Finland gained independence from Russia in 1917, and will this year mark its 100th anniversary under the theme ‘Together’.

“We the Finnish people want to celebrate this together with all friends of Finland and we are doing many things in this regard. One of the things we are doing is the CodeBus Africa project which would be starting from Ghana,” Ambassador Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury disclosed.

She explained that the ‘CodeBus Africa Project’ is a 100-day educational adventure experience which would train some 160 young persons aged between 12 and 20 in the areas of creative technology and youth empowerment.

The ambassador stated that the selection of the participants would be gender-biased in favour of girls and the bias would not be accidental.

CodeBus would be simulated simultaneously in 10 African countries from the months of February through to May. There will be interesting training workshops to inspire participants to make maximum use of technology in finding solutions to needs and challenges.

The Finnish diplomat was accompanied by her Deputy Head of Mission, Emmi Mwanzagi, and they were received by the Publisher & Managing Editor of DAILY GUIDE, Gina Blay, and Fortune Alimi; the paper’s editor.

Gina Blay congratulated the people of Finland for their centenary and assured the ambassador that DAILY GUIDE would not relent on its role of information dissemination and in this particular instance, sharing information on Finland’s 100th anniversary.