Fire Burns Boy, 18, To Death

A scene during the fire outbreak

AN 18-year-old boy was burnt to death at Kronom-Cement-Mu near Kumasi on Saturday.

The inferno was said to have started in a 10-bedroom house, which was being used for domestic and recycling plant.

The fire, reportedly, started from the recycling plant and it spread and consumed the whole house before extending to other houses.

The wife of the landlord was also trapped in the house, but she was lucky as a group of young men worked to save her life.

According to eyewitnesses’ reports, the blaze started around 2:30pm from the recycling plant.

“The owner of the house heard an unusual noise from the recycling plant so he rushed there to check what was amiss.

“To his chagrin, the landlord (name not known) realised that his property was on fire, so he decided to quench the blaze by himself.

“The landlord started to battle the fire with an extinguisher but his efforts proved futile as the blaze extended to the whole building.

“The fire spread very fast to the nearby houses because there were a lot of rubber and inflammable items around,” eyewitnesses disclosed.

They said a boy, believed to be 18 years old (name not known), and the wife of the landlord were trapped in the house but the woman was saved.

“The boy could not run from harm’s path so he was burnt to death and his body has since been conveyed to the morgue,” they said.

According to eyewitnesses, firefighters were eventually called to the scene and they brought about five tenders to quench the blaze.

Meanwhile, firefighters have commenced investigations to identify what caused the unexpected inferno.