FrieslandCampina Pays Tribute To Dairy Farmers


A scene in the movie

FRIESLANDCAMPINA, has presented its new short film, A New Day to mark the end of its 150th anniversary celebration.

The film pays tribute to the many generations of dairy farmers who have made FrieslandCampina what it is today: a dynamic, forward-looking dairy cooperative and a global company.

A New Day tells the story of the next generation of farmers, focused on the future of dairy farming with lots of passion and determination, while adapting to the rapidly changing world.

Hein Schumacher, CEO of FrieslandCampina said, “We are very proud of our farmers and our cooperative heritage. For over 150 years, our member farmers have always managed to adapt to what the market and society demand from them. By actively responding to evolving needs and constantly innovating, they have developed themselves into very innovative farmers. I have great admiration for the next generation of farmers, especially in these tense and uncertain times. They are building the future of sustainable dairy farming, with the same commitment and unwavering spirit as the many generations before them. This film is our tribute to all dairy farmers, young and old.”

Ben Langat, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina Sub-Saharan Africa said, “The story of our cooperative is a special one. A New Day celebrates our farmers, playing that critical role in bringing better nutrition to the tables of families across Sub-Saharan Africa. FrieslandCampina Sub-Saharan Africa salutes our farm heroes and remains steadfast in our commitment and support to the development and prosperity of our local dairy farmers.”

The four-minute film tells the story of three young dairy farmers who are on a journey – sometimes literally – as they face dilemmas, make choices and emerge stronger, ready for a new day. The film shows the challenges they are facing in this rapidly changing world. A New Day is the sequel to The Story of Milk,produced in 2012, also by corporate cinema agency 1Camera.