Funny Face Joins Fight Against LGBTQI+

Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face has also registered his displeasure with how the gay community in Ghana continues to push for recognition.

For him, it is wise for them to lie low and continue to do their things quietly rather than seeking recognition through legalization.

There is currently a huge trending discussion on activities of LGBTQI+, following a proposed bill in Ghana’s Parliament against the homosexual community. The bill seeks to criminalize the activities of gays.

This has dominated discussions on the airwaves with almost the entire nation kicking against homosexual practices in Ghana.

For a long time, Ghana has also been under pressure from Western countries to legalize homosexuality but the populace and its governments have always rejected either to legalize or accept homosexual activities.

Funny Face added his voice to the latest brouhaha in a video he shared on Instagram.

“People have been asking me about my opinion on LGBTQI+. They have been asking me Funny Face you are a king, 20years in Ghana showbiz, what’s your opinion on the LGBTQI+? All I say is that all the men, women involved in the LGBTQ thing, do your thing but don’t come tell Ghanaians that, you want legalization…you are the reason Ghana is not moving on,” he indicated in the video.