Ga Mantse Cup Tickets Send Fans To World Cup


A rare opportunity has presented itself to prospective buyers of tickets for the Ga Mantse Cup involving city rivals – Hearts of Oak and Great Olympics.

Rates ranging from ¢20 (Popular Stand) ¢30 (Osu Stand), ¢50 (VIP Lower), ¢70 (VIP Upper) and ¢100 (VVIP) qualifies buyers for a raffle where winners would enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to watch the World Cup in Qatar.

The game, scheduled for August 7 at the Accra Stadium, is expected to renew rivalry between the two capital sides.

It has received massive support by way of sponsorship from the Youth and Sports Ministry, NLA, GFA, HD+, TT Brothers, GCB, Ghana Gas, Republic Bank, Bethlog and Think Media Expert.