GCB Opens New Branch At UDS Campus

Staff of GCB Bank PLC with Professor Seidu Al-Hassan, Shani Alhassan Shaibu at the opening of GCB Bank PLC UDS branch

The Ghana Commercial Bank PLC has opened a new branch at the University for Development Studies(UDS) at Dungu in the Northern region.

The Tamale Zone Regional Manager of the Ghana Commercial Bank PLC, Alhaji Mohammed Mipo, at the opening ceremony indicated that the new UDS branch of the GCB Bank PLC is the 20th branch in the five regions of the North and 186th branch network.

He assured UDS and its surrounding communities of the bank’s continuous commitment to ensure that they work together to bring development to the area.

The Executive Head, of Retail Banking, John Adamah, disclosed that the opening of the UDS branch will save students and clients around the UDS area the time to travel to GCB’s main branch to transact business on daily basis.

Mr. Adamah assured UDS students and clients that their deposits will not be touched as the issue of government bonds being touched in recent times.

“Bank deposits, Savings, Current, Fix Deposits among others are liabilities against the bank and do not constitute government debt to be restructured under a domestic exchange debt programme. Please feel free to bring your money to GCB because when you make a demand for it we will surely meet your demand,” he said.

Mr. Adamah noted that GCB Bank PLC remains a solid bank and that it will continue to provide safety and security for the funds of its cherished clients.

“The success or failure of the GCB UDS branch shall depend on the level of patronage by key stakeholders. I plead with chiefs, management of UDS, and the UDS community to ensure that the decision of the bank to establish a branch here is vindicated through accelerated business growth. This is your branch and you must sustain it by doing business with it.”

For his part, the Vice-Chancellor of the University for Development Studies(UDS) Professor Seidu Al-Hassan, thanked the GCB Bank PLC for coming to the rescue of students and other clients within the UDS area by establishing a new branch on campus.

“ You are opening this branch at the right time because the University has a student population of about 25,000 and a staff population of about 2,000 and we have established a new faculty in the School of Business and so very soon we are not just going to train academics but also entrepreneurs and the School of Business is coming to complement the role a key sector known as the Business Incubation Centre.”

He however urged the GCB Bank PLC to ensure that they create policies and products that will fall within the students’ limit to help the growth of the bank.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University for Development Studies(UDS) advised GCB Bank PLC management and staff to be patient in dealing with students and their clients and provide quality services, be efficient and competent to strive.

The Northern Regional Minister, Shani Alhassan Shaibu, expressed his gratitude to GCB Bank PLC noting that the establishment of the new branch will create job opportunities for the youth of Tamale and the Northern region.

He assured the GCB Bank PLC of the support of the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), chiefs, and the good people of Tamale to ensure that the bank succeeds in the development of the North.

FROM Eric Kombat, Dungu


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