German easing of lockdown to start with schools on May 4

Germany will reopen schools in early May and allow some of the currently closed retailers to open as well, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said. Social distancing measures will stay in place.
The number of infections worldwide hits the 2 million mark, with more than 125,000 reported deaths
Merkel outlines plans to start lifting lockdown, including some schools reopening on May 4.
At the same time, the social distancing is set to stay in place and Germany’s government will “strongly recommend” to people to wear face masks while grocery shopping or in public transport.

People in Germany would still be required to keep a 1.5 meters (5 feet) from each other and gather in groups no larger than two, unless they were members of the same household, she said.

Addressing the nation, Germany’s Angela Merkel said the country would cautiously start lifting the lockdown measures, but warned that the government has little wiggle-room to avoid a resurgence of infections.
Some German stores will be allowed to open on Monday under specific conditions, the chancellor said. The easing will only apply to stores with surface area bellow 800 square meters (8,611 square feet)
Schools in Germany will start to open on May 4
Barber shops will also be allowed to open in early May
Festivals and other public events will likely stay banned until the end of August
Religious services will stay suspended for foreseeable future
The government will reconvene to discuss the situation every two weeks
The government still recommends wearing face masks when shopping or using public transport
The health system in Germany is “not overwhelmed” despite a massive amount of work provided by medical workers, Angela Merkel said, with around 10,000 intensive care beds currently available. However, she described it as a “fragile interim success.”

“We need to understand that we will need to live with the virus as long as there is no medication or vaccine,” Chancellor Merkel said.

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