GFA Boss Salutes France Embassy

FA boss (L) in a handshake with the French ambassador


Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kurt Okraku, has expressed gratitude to the French Embassy for its key role in establishing the Coaching Exchange Programme between the FA and the France Football Federation (FFF).

He commended the Ambassador of France to Ghana, Jules-Armand Aniambossou, on the occasion of his and his delegation’s visit to the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence, where the programme is currently on going.

Kurt Okraku recounted the crucial role played by the French Embassy in facilitating the partnership with the FFF.

He pointed out that the collaboration creates an invaluable opportunity for knowledge transfer and skills development saying, “We are deeply grateful to the French Embassy for their unwavering support and commitment to this initiative.

“I’m happy that through the French Embassy here in Accra, led by your good self, and the France Football Federation, we have this unique and amazing platform to share and exchange knowledge and to learn.

“This partnership with the France Football Federation is a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance the quality of football coaching in Ghana.”

He added, “When this opportunity came up, we didn’t hesitate at all. We grabbed it in order to create opportunities for our coaches, our players and our officials to learn. So, from the trip to Clairefontaine, the second leg is happening here today, again, through your able leadership and through the support of the France Football Federation. Thank you very much.”

The Coaching Exchange Programme has brought two experienced coaches from France: International Training Expert Lafargue Jean-Claude and Ludovic Debru, who represented the Technical Director of the FFF, as well as the Director of Coach Education for the GFA, Desmond Ofei, to train 23 female national team and club coaches.

This initiative is part of the GFA’s broader strategy to build the capacity of local coaches, ensuring they are equipped with the latest coaching techniques and methodologies.

The French Ambassador, Jules-Armand Aniambossou, reiterated his support for the programme and expressed his belief that positive outcomes would result from the project.

He commended the GFA for its proactive approach to improving football coaching standards and pledged continued collaboration between the two nations.


By Kofi Owusu Aduonum