GFA Prez Commits To Reform Beach Soccer Structures

Yaw Ampofo Ankrah with Kurt Okraku (R)

The Chairman of the Ghana FA Beach Soccer Committee, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah, has reaffirmed his support for the GFA led by President Kurt Okraku, following consultations with key beach soccer stakeholders in Accra.

Ampofo Ankrah made the pronouncement after beach soccer club owners, officials and other stakeholders cried foul at the composition of a management committee they felt did not fully represent them.

However, after engaging the GFA president and other top officials, Ampofo Ankrah appealed to the beach soccer fraternity to remain calm.

“I wish to revert to same medium to acknowledge and applaud the efforts of the GFA president in addressing the concerns raised by inviting me for a ‘clear the air’ talks,” he said.

Along with General Secretary Prosper Harrison Addo and Vice General Secretary Alex Asante, assurances have been given per the new roles appointed to members of the committees.

It means Ampofo Ankrah will now serve as chairman of main GFA Beach Soccer Committee and Vice Chairman of the Black Shark Management Committee.

“I have accepted both appointments as a duty and an honour to continue to serve. I have assured President Okraku that he and his administration have my full support and that of everyone involved in the transformation of beach soccer through the channels of the GFA,” he said.

On a philosophical note, Ampofo Ankrah said he will continue to work and fight in the joint interest of beach soccer and mainstream association football.

“Obviously, we cannot compromise on the need to invest back into local communities where the game originates,” he added.

Ampofo Ankrah explained that at every level of operation, local youth, local resources, skills and local services must be considered first.

Training, upgrading and support of relevant personnel will be essential to deliver on this all-important development principle.

Beach soccer community players and clubs must be motivated to deliver at their maximum consistently with the knowledge that their efforts will be recognised, appreciated and rewarded with a possible invitation to the national team ? Black Sharks.

According to Ampofo Ankrah, this policy does not alienate or exclude other amateurs, semi-professional or indeed professional footballers evolving to beach soccer from lower division or premier league teams.