Ghana Card Beneficiary Lauds Bawumia• Travelled On Card From Hamburg

Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong

A Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong, has showered praises upon Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia after using the Ghana Card to return home from Hamburg, Germany when he could not locate his passport.

Narrating his testimony, he said “upon reaching the airport in Hamburg, Germany I joined a queue to complete departure formalities. When it got to my turn I could not locate my passport and so I called home in Hamburg and was told I had left the travel document home. I could not go back at the time as I could miss the flight and re-booking another flight would cost me money.”

Dr. Acheampong remembered the Ghana Card and recalled what was said about its advantage of enabling a holder to return home when they lose their passports.

“When I told the airline, Air France, that I had my Ghana Card, they were initially hesitant but when I insisted that it was possible since after all it contained my details and proof that there was evidence that I had reason to be returning to Ghana and above all machine readable.

The Ghana Card was showed to a German Immigration Officer, who after trying it on a machine discovered it had all the important details, especially since I had linked my passport to it.

Convinced now that I could travel with the card back to Ghana, they re-booked a flight on KLM for me since the airline has an alliance with Air France.

According to Mr. Acheampong, the digitisation initiative is a wonderful one, and “it has many positive sides and since it is necessary for entering into business deals all must support the digitisation drive in the country.”

He had earlier posted on social media the following remarks.

“Please say a big thank you to Bawumia on my behalf whenever you catch him.

“The reason: I got to Hamburg Airport today without my passport. I forgot it; left it home, and I didn’t have enough time to go get it. …and here is where Bawumia’s digitisation worked wonders for me…the Germans agreed for me to travel on my Ghana Card… I’m grateful I get to travel even without a passport…checked in and waiting to board…I bless Bawumia and NPP today.”

By A.R. Gomda