‘Ghana DJ Awards Festival Created Jobs For 300 People’

Merqury Quaye

The 2021 edition of the Ghana DJ Awards dubbed “Take Over”, didn’t only reward deserving nominees but also created jobs for about 300 people, Merqury Quaye, executive producer of the festival has revealed.

Merqury Quaye, speaking on “2022 projections on Tourism, Arts and Culture” with George Quaye on Joy 99.7 FM, talked about prospects of disc jockeys and the economic potentials the industry holds for the country.

He indicated that the national awards scheme that appreciates and celebrates DJs for their work, cost over GH¢2 million to produce, creating jobs and boosting tourism to Ghana.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, he projected that Ghana DJ Awards 2022 will be the biggest ever in the history of the festival, creating more jobs and contributing to the economy.

Citing the ‘DJ’ powered Ultra Music Festival which contributed 160 million dollars to the US economy and created 1,800 jobs in 2019, Merqury indicated that there is more the Ghana DJ Awards Festival can do for the Ghanaian economy in 2022 with support from government and corporate Ghana.