Ghana, Malawi Sign Visa Waiver Agreement


In a significant development aimed at strengthening diplomatic relations and fostering collaboration, Ghana and Malawi have officially signed an agreement on a visa waiver regime for holders of ordinary, diplomatic, and service passports.

The groundbreaking agreement, which came into effect on February 7, 2024, marks a pivotal moment in the historical ties between the two nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana announced the momentous agreement in a statement dated March 21, 2024 that travellers are permitted to transit, exit, and remain in the territories of both countries for a total of up to ninety (90) days within a calendar year, provided they do not engage in employment.

“The travelling public is hereby advised to take note of this new visa waiver agreement.”

This move is anticipated to not only streamline travel processes between Ghana and Malawi but also to facilitate smoother diplomatic exchanges and promote closer economic and cultural connections.

Both countries are expected to benefit from the increased ease of travel fostered by this initiative, which underscores their commitment to deepening cooperation and furthering mutual understanding.
The visa waiver agreement stands as a testament to the shared commitment of Ghana and Malawi to enhance bilateral relations and foster a climate of goodwill and understanding between their peoples.

By Vincent Kubi