Ghana Receives 135,700 Covid-19 Vaccine Doses From Malta

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has taken delivery of 135,700 doses of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine from the government of Malta.

Malta-donated Covid-19 vaccines arrived in Ghana on Saturday, after they were transported by a special Air Malta direct flight.

This brings the total number of donated vaccines to 340,000, with Libya, Egypt and Rwanda having benefited from the national vaccine-sharing campaign so far.

Donations are expected to continue in the coming weeks and months, said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One of the ongoing realities of the Covid-19 pandemic is that access to vaccines continues to be unequal, the spokesperson pointed out.

“Malta is committed to doing its part to address this unequal distribution, as Covid-19 will not be solved until everyone is vaccinated,” the spokesperson said.

The World Health Organisation is encouraging member states to donate virus jabs to countries that do not have any, before administering booster jabs to their populations.