Ghanaians Urged To Protect Highlife


Renowned Ghanaian broadcaster and actor, Mikki Osei-Berko, has called on Ghanaians to preserve and safeguard highlife as a genre that embodies the national identity.

The renowned actor, who is not happy with the current state of the indigenous music genre, expressed worry over how the genre which started in Ghana has been rebranded into various music forms, progressively dragging it into oblivion.

According him, Ghanaian highlife music is a beautiful genre which when promoted will gain world recognition to promote the music industry.

He was of the view that when Ghanaian highlife music is marketed well, it would help in the promotion of Ghana’s rich culture to the outside world.

Although he believes that highlife music is a native Ghanaian music and is a stronger representation of the nation’s identity than other music genres, he has no issue with stakeholders portraying other music genres.

The lack of a concerted effort by Ghanaian music industry players to promote the genre is one of the reasons highlife’s appeal is declining, according to Mikki Osei Berko, who is also the CEO of internet radio station, Kente Radio.

He stated that sponsoring and promoting highlife music, which is exclusively Ghanaian, is one method of fostering the sense of national identity.

Speaking with Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM, Mikki stated that the genre needs to be fiercely guarded as a Ghanaian cultural treasure.

“There is no culture without music, and Ghana has been so blessed with our kind of genre of music. Are we letting it die? Or are we letting people to re-christen it and call it Afrobeats and lose it just like that? I don’t think Jamaica will do that to reggae music.

“Ghana should stand firm with highlife music, improve it and grow it,” he said.

Mikki Osei Berko, who has been with the creative industry for over three decades, played Master Richard in the TV series Taxi Driver and Dada Boat in Dada Boat.

He has served as assemblyman for the Ayidiki Electoral Area for one term, and is also the executive director of Mediagold Productions.

Mikki worked extensively with Radio Gold, a private radio station based in Accra, which he left in July 2003 to join Happy FM.

He is the brain behind Kente Radio, a Pan-African online radio station.