Gifty Karie Gives Hope With ‘Faith’ Song

It hasn’t been an easy journey for gospel musician Gifty Karikari, known as Gifty Karie since she delved into full gospel ministration.

With a few months to end the year 2022, the artiste who is also a professional nurse in America has taken things a notch higher with the release of her first single titled Faith.

Produced by Pee the Beat, Faith is on a soul-searching mission to win souls for Jesus Christ, and give hope back to all persons, irrespective of the difficult situations.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s ‘This Is Gospel’ show with host Franky5, Gifty Karie explained that the song which is available on all digital platforms and Youtube seeks to enrich people’s lives with motivational messages of an obvious better tomorrow.

In addition, she said the song has the objective of maintaining balance in people’s lives with heart-warming messages.

“Faith is a story that I and my family went through in America. Always before God will put you in front or ahead of something – he’ll give you a story to connect, a good story for that matter. Without the story to connect, you can’t see the beauty of it. Back in 2018, I and my husband and my kids went through a lot. We went through a situation whereby we lost everything, we lost friends, we lost family, and we lost everything valuable.”

She added, “But I think that was the time God was planning a good story for me to tell. Things were tough, between 2018 and 2019 were difficult years for me, but as a Christian, it’s always a forward match for you, basically about how God wants to equip your Christian life. Out of the hardship, out of nowhere, out of where the storms were over me was when God brought this song to me.

“I want to tell everybody to have faith. My life is a testimony. For me to get to where I am now is the doing of the Lord. Listen to the words in the song – when the storm was over my head then God gave me this song. That tells you that whatever you’re looking for, whatever you believe God for, He’ll get it done for you. He makes a way for all things to be beautiful.”