Glo Surprises Dealers With Dubai Holiday

Georgina Boakye Kodua (left) and Juliana Katsepor with the COO of Glo Mobile, Isa Omagu

Glo Mobile Ghana recently surprised some of its best performing dealers with an all-expense paid holiday trip to Dubai.

The dealers were selected based on their performance and loyalty to the brand.

Chief Operating Officer of Glo Ghana, Isa Omagu, said the dealers were in Dubai to have a good time off work and to unwind at the expense of Glo Mobile Ghana.

“We appreciate their loyalty, consistency and partnership with us over time and we decided to give them a surprise when they least expected it,” Mr. Omagu said, adding that the company has put in place various schemes to constantly encourage and appreciate its business partners.

Chief Executive of Airtymn Solution Limited, Georgina Boakye Kodua, stated: “I had no inkling such a trip was coming up two weeks ago and if anyone had told me I would have such a holiday at this time, I would not have believed. I want to appreciate the company for such honour.” 

On her part, Juliana Katsepor of Talk Solution Limited, lauded the initiative to reward the dealers with the holiday trip to Dubai. 

Mr. Omagu promised that the company would always put its dealers first in every consideration as they occupy a very important place in the company’s business plans.

He disclosed that subscribers are in for an exciting experience on the network as a result of huge investment in network optimization and modernization across the country.

Glo Mobile recently introduced some life-enhancing products with mouth-watering benefits for old and new customers on its network. These include Double Double, a Voice & Data offer, which doubles the subscriber’s credit on all recharges and also gifts free data.

The second is a Data offer that delivers huge benefits to subscribers who auto-renew their data subscriptions. Also launched was another first in Ghana tagged the Ghana-Nigeria pack, which enables Glo Mobile subscribers to call or roam in Nigeria and also get huge benefits on their lines in Ghana. P