GMA, Drake University Partner

Emma Wenani


Global Media Alliance (GMA), a leading PR agency in Ghana, instituted a partnership with Drake University, USA, for a cross-cultural collaboration. GMA welcomed two Public Relations and Strategic Communications students from the University for internship.

The internship activity forms part of Global Media Alliance’s strategy to foster collaborations and partnerships that go beyond boundaries and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

The partnership seeks to facilitate knowledge exchange, enhance cultural understanding, and create a dynamic learning environment for both the students and the GMA team.

Led by the Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Drake University School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Eric Kwame Adae, Ph.D., the students embarked on an enriching three-day internship journey, joining the GMA PR Team and delving into the workings of the digital and traditional public relations in Ghana.

Eva Kellen, studying Public Relations and Strategic Political Communications, stated, “Interning in a Ghanaian agency was like diving into a whole new world. From office tasks to exploring a different culture, every day brought something new. It was a journey of learning, adapting, and making memories, and I would return if I get the chance.”

Kate Elstrom, a student in Digital Media Production & Public Relations, added, “This experience has been very fulfilling even though it was quite brief. It wasn’t just about work, it was about stepping out of my comfort zone, seeing things from a new angle, and making friends that go beyond borders. Being a foreign intern was more than doing tasks, it was about growing as a person and in my career.”

Commenting, Chief Director of Global Media Alliance, Emma Wenani, said the partnership with Drake University aligns with the organisation’s vision of embracing global perspectives, and promoting innovation within the public relations and media industry.

“The fresh insights and ideas brought by the interns are expected to contribute to the dynamic and forward-thinking approach that GMA consistently strives to maintain. This collaboration serves as a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of global trends,” said Ms. Wenani.

By Samuel Boadi