GMB22: Asiedua Shines

The 2022 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) pageant themed, “Ghana’s Beauty, Africa’s Pride,” since it launch at the Centre for National Culture, Kumasi, has had some remarkable, mind-blowing performances from the sixteen selected ladies representing their various administrative regions.

The latest on the block to dazzle the audience and viewers was 23-year-old journalist Grace Afanyi Owusu Arhin, known on stage as Asiedua, Central Regional representative of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful. Aseidua won the Most Eloquent award with a performance of Rihanna’s controversial ‘Man Down’ song as a lyrical narration of an accident situation on GMB Got Talent Night.

Her poise, voice, and stage costume were much persuasive of how detrimental the consequences of our actions can be. She was dressed to represent an incarcerated inmate in the usual orange garb with a white undershirt with her hair in a simple braided cornrow style.

The ‘Man Down’ clip directed by Anthony Mandler is a song about a girl who shoots her abuser in public. The controversial video, according to Rihanna, was intended to give a voice to rape victims.

Judging Asiedua’s electrifying performance, guest and seasoned actor, Oscar Provencal, applauded her for the performance saying, “It’s the best vocal performance for the night, unfortunately, you used a western song and it all about reporting a murder incident and so I hope the message went across to the audience, but I think in terms of your intensity, your performance was excellent and you connected with the audience not only here but also those at home watching tonight, well done.”

The first week’s performance of Asiedua wasn’t exceptional from Sunday’s presentation, as the affable good looking journalist gracefully educated her viewers on the kyir Festival celebrated by the people of Anomabu in her region.

The kyir Festival of thanksgiving is celebrated once every year for a successful harvest, to honour ancestors and the spirits of nature, and to reaffirm the social ties that bind the community together.

Meanwhile, North East representative, Yenupang, suffered the first eviction after entertaining the house with good music, punchy rap lines, and smart dance moves. Yenupang did not garner enough votes from the public and judges to stay in the competition.

By Prince Fiifi Yorke