Goose-Gander Republic

What’s spoken in whispers may leak publicly. That’s how he who talks more than anyone else in the talk shop has exposed lawmaking chop chop. He and his talker colleagues secretly share their escapades of chop chop of the motherland money. Compatriots who don’t have short memory would easily recall someone who speaks talked the gander must be invited to chop along with the goose.

Bridges across the goose-gander dividing lines come in forms. They crisscross by kin, ethnicity, class/schoolmates, common worshippers and professional links. Old student links are exploited by Akoras a lot. I also saw some college counterparts, Apsunians, in brazen Castle visits 2001-2008. That could have meant countless Nicodemus home visits. There could be Tamascans too.

It’s unlikely, though, it happened with Amanfoɔ, the Seniors. First, they are imbued with combined suban (character) and nimdeɛ (knowledge) training. Then you need to look hard for one across the carpet; for, they are concentrated in the ɔsono camp. The one who strayed, sitting right on top of the national kitty, banking or disbursing, was the exception.

If you are looking for a goose-gander sharing scheme, a typical area would be distribution of frequencies for broadcasting. From the mid-1990s to 2000, congresspeople appropriated them, stopping only because they thought the pie was exhausted. By 2001, technology had improved for further splitting so that ɔsonomma could scrape out a few remnants. It had been all goose when congress returned 2009-2016.

Now in 2021, congresspeople still think there should be a goose-gander formula, outside the executive, where, usually, chop chop is probably easier. They seek its extension to the legislature in a big time chop chop. Congresspeople, led by the one preaching goose-gander chopping principle, had long known some reasonable chop chop avenues in the legislature.

From PC, we learnt every sale of state asset by the executive attracts legislature chop chop. The suya/pampers man teamed up with the loquacious pathological liar to spread vetting approval bribes. The one pontificating goose-gander chop chop, himself has on more than one occasion peddled legislature chop chop. So there’s nothing new about goose-gander chop chop in the legislature.

The chopped are not spoils. No politician fought to protect or develop the motherland, with possible death risks. What they chop is easy fodder.

Someone was recently quoted as saying: ‘NDC’s interference in parliamentary business is a strange development.’ Strange kɛ!!! There’s nothing strange about that. It’s all about chop chop. They were eyeing the executive, the supreme chop chop machine among the arms of government. They didn’t get that. So they must find every way to chop chop from the legislature where they believe they have clout and influence. See how they have smuggled the mosquito that lays eggs in concrete blocks for money there!

Unless it’s deliberate pretense on the part of the one who spoke goose-gander and his ɔsono group, that they are ignorant of congress’ chop chop schemes, congress knows very well that it must chop, no matter what. You bet the man-mosquito, chop chop master, will soon, in some scheme, create for looting and sharing.

So there are supposed to be banana republics. A trumpist nearly turned a once almighty world’s only super power into one, recently. There are failed states. Now some want to turn our dear motherland into a goose-gander chopping republic. It’s up to us to agree or let the schemers know we know and ‘we no go gree,’ to stop them; although I wonder if we have the moral strength to stop them.

Some call the goose-gander situation ‘dukadaya,’ that’s the value is the same, chop chop congresspeople and chop chop ɔsonomma. I beg to differ; because, although congress has always been chop chop since 1982, ɔsonomma group of 2001-2009, was different from ɔsonomma of 2017 to date. The latter seem to have started exhibiting some of the ampɛbrɛ chop chop of the congresspeople.

The Kufuor cabinet was of women and men who had lived without political power to have run families, built their own houses, some businesses too, and worked to pay bills and taxes. Same is not true of ALL the current ɔsono team. Someone recently said to the congresspeople: ‘You can’t win by copying NPP.’ NPP nearly lost in 2020 by copying NDC.

Congress is supposed to be reorganising. I ask what with what? It’s a bunch of parasitic politricksters. Ɔnomma, though, have something of substance to go back to in the Kufuor days to deepen their credibility. If they can revisit the values of nation building with minimised chop chop, they have a chance in 2024 against the congresspeople who have nowhere else to go. They know chop chop of creating judgment debts and excessive borrowing to loot and share. They won’t have any message of nation building just as they didn’t have in 2016.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh