Goosie Agents Protest ‘Shady’ Printing Of NDC Ballots

Goosie Tanoh
AGENTS OF presidential aspirant, Goosie Tanoh, are protesting National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) continuous printing of its presidential ballots in what they consider to be a very questionable manner.

The four agents– Nelson Nuvor, Gabriel Nhyiraba, Daniel Omaboe and Aboetakah Elvis-Gracious– have, therefore, petitioned the National Election Committee of the NDC to put a halt to the printing of the ballots for the ‘proper’ thing to be done.

In a petition addressed to the Chairman of the National Election Committee of NDC, Kofi Attoh, the agents said, “We write to register our protest at the continuing printing of ballots for the NDC presidential elections.”

According to the petition, “We have noted several irregularities with the process and guidance for printing, and unless these are rectified, we are unable to perform our functions as agents of Mr. Goosie Tanoh in the process.”

It said, “Specifically, we wish to draw your attention to the following issues: as agents of a presidential aspirant, we have not to date received any formal communication about the number of ballots or the basis of deciding the number of ballots that the party intends to print.”

It observed that “without knowing how many ballots are to be printed, we have no way of knowing if there is overprinting of ballots or not” adding that “to date, we have not received any formal communication about the guidelines for printing.”

On trying to understand some of these issues from the printers, the petitioners complained that they were informed that the printer has a contract only with the NDC and not them, and so they should go to the party for it to be addressed.

Mr. Tanoh is contesting six other candidates, including former President John Mahama, whom many believe the NDC’s leadership is working hard to emerge the winner.

BY Melvin Tarlue