‘Gye Wo Fie’ Property Draw Launched

The Founders of ‘Gye Wo Fie’


In an exciting turn of events, Ghanaian siblings, Dan, Jason, and Will Twenefour, who found success in the UK property market with their unique prize draw competitions, are bringing their innovative model to their birthplace, Ghana, with ‘Gye Wo Fie’ – meaning ‘claim your house’.

After stirring headlines in Britain with 12 property giveaways and capturing national attention with cash giveaways of £150,000, the brothers are now back home.

They aim to provide the average Ghanaian with an innovative and exciting way to become a first-time homeowner, transforming the dream of home freedom into a tangible reality.

Daniel Twenefour expressed, “Having a roof over your head shouldn’t be an out-of-reach dream. With Gye Wo Fie, we are breaking down barriers to make home ownership easily accessible to our fellow Ghanaians. We have witnessed the joy and change it brings in the UK, and it is time to extend that same opportunity here in Ghana.”

The three Ghanaian brothers’ pioneering approach has not only caught the media’s eye but has also provided a real solution to the daunting prospect of property ownership faced by many, especially the young, and the working class in Ghana.

“To participate in Gye Wo Fie, hopeful homeowners can dial *714*848# to purchase a ticket to win a home for just GH¢30 or visit www.gyewofie.com for more information on how to enter the competition. It’s not just a ticket – it’s a step towards freedom, stability, and a lifetime investment,” he said.

Source: Erica Nana Arthur