Hisense Donates To Terchire Health Centre


Hisense Ghana demonstrated their support to Terchire Health Centre by donating valuable him items worth several thousand Cedis on Tuesday, June 6th 2023.

The donated items included brand new Hisense Refrigerator and Television set.

This act marked the second donation to a healthcare facility within a week for the esteemed home appliances company, which has received multiple awards.

When questioned about the recent emphasis on health centers, Renee Quaye, the marketing coordinator at Hisense, explained, “As the saying goes, health is wealth and cannot be replaced by anything. At Hisense, we prioritize the health of our customers, which is why we have been supporting both government and private sector health facilities in recent times.”

“We believe that when people are in good health, they can fully enjoy our high-quality range of products,” Renee added. “As always, this donation is in response to numerous requests from institutions, and we consider it our social responsibility.

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