Hypocrisy In Full Flight (2)

Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa


The success of democracy requires that as a people we police the public space to ensure transparency, accountability and fairness in the discharge of the duties of all duty bearers.

Our actions must seek the best for Ghana no matter whose ox is gored, but not for the sake of engaging in scandal mongering by even public institutions like CHRAJ and OSP that have allegedly become tools in the hands of the NDC to achieve its parochial rescue mission agenda.

Okudjeto Ablakwa, his friends in the NDC and their allies have all kinds of grudges against the NPP government, especially when John Mahama exited power in 2017.

The grudges they hold against a section of the society have now compelled them to be bitter against the system, particularly the business minded people. Their behaviour can no longer be ignored as the demonic or devilish agenda has the tendency to kill local initiatives.

The NDC while in power sold many state owned companies to themselves or cronies but today have mounted the high heavens to shout corruption about any government action.

It is high time Ghanaians were constantly reminded about NDC hypocrisy.

Where was Okudjeto Ablakwa and his friends when in 2012, SSNIT advertised for a strategic investor for the SSNIT hotels.

At that time, it was right to do so, especially when they were in power. In December 2016, after John Mahama lost the election, he signed off the bauxite deposits in Nyinahin to his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, while in 2014, he signed off portions of the Voltaian Basin to another brother, Alfred Mahama.

Perhaps at that time, Okudjeto Ablakwa and his friends in the NDC were in a deep slumber so they did not “see something to say something.” It is also interesting that organised labour that in all has four representatives on the SSNIT Board is also shouting hoarse about the planned sale of the four hotels to Rock City Hotel just to play to the gallery.

Another election is around the corner and we are seeing the true colours of organised labour led by Yaw Baah.

The truth about the SSNIT hotels transaction must be told to the workers to expose the selfish agenda of some leaders of organised labour.

Our worry is that the deal is going to Bryan Acheampong, a politician of the ruling party. The NDC, organised labour and those who harbour bitterness would have preferred the deal going to either a foreigner or their cronies. We hate ourselves, and therefore, we cannot build local entrepreneurs and billionaires to take over the commanding heights of our economy.