‘I Am Not Against You’ – Prince David To Funny Face

Prince David Osei and Funny Face

Actor Prince David Osei has displayed some level of great maturity on Wednesday in handling attacks on his person by comedian and actor Funny Face.

‘The Dead’ actor was sympathizing  with Funny Face about how some personnel of Ghana Police Service allegedly manhandled him during his arrest. But Funny Face told him he didn’t need his sympathy.

This happened on social media when Funny Face shared some videos on Instagram about how the police treated him.
Funny Face in one of the videos was captured struggling with the police. A touched Prince David Osei went to comment on the post with a prayer emoji but Funny Face didn’t appreciate that. The comment rather infuriated him and he called Prince a hypocrite, indicating he didn’t need his prayers nor his sympathy.

“Don’t let me start revealing your secrets. You teamed up with my haters Kalybos, Bismark, Liwin, General Ntetia to disgrace me… You guys called for a war you can’t handle,” Funny added in his response.

Interestingly, Prince took it calm and gave what many have described as matured response to Funny Face.

He wrote, “My brother I am not against you and can never be against you brother, I feel your pain and empathize with you… Everything will be okay bro, it is interesting how some people including bloggers, are sending me screenshots of you insulting me on your page, just because I sent a word of prayer to you… I won’t let them win bro, just wondering why they won’t use that same energy they are using now to make stupidity trend, to solicit help for you and talk about your Police Brutality… Praying for you Funny Face, all these shall pass soon!! PRAY FOR FUNNY FACE (love emoji) therealfunnyface #prayforfunnyface.”

By Francis Addo