I Did Nothing To My Buttocks– Nana Ama McBrown

Actress and TV host, Nana Ama McBrown, has dismissed rumours that she has undergone the knife to make her buttocks look sexier.

The host of United Showbiz on UTV speaking on her Saturday show revealed that she only did liposuction to remove excess fat from her tummy.

She did nothing to her buttocks as well as she didn’t do a tummy tuck.

According to her, it’s the removal of excess fat that has made her buttocks look sexier now.

Her reaction follows earlier criticisms about a statement she made last week endorsing liposuction, which heightened previous rumours that she had done surgery to shape her buttocks.

“The reason I am trending this week is that I spoke my truth. If somebody is watching me now on TV and asks that Nana you are looking beautiful, what did you do; I will tell you the truth that I have enhanced my body,” she said.

“I tried to eat right to get to the shape that I wanted but my tummy was sagging, it has become very soft; I have a lot of fat in my system. So, I went for a medical check-up and my doctor told me that there is an option for that – which I also know. I did it right here in Ghana at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. I enhanced my body for myself,” she added.

“I am not here to encourage anybody to go and do what I did but because people have seen that I have changed, I will explain further. First of all, I have done lipo and I have not done any other thing. I have not done my bumps. I have the right to do anything to my body and I have the right to tell you or not but God is my witness…I went to the right place and suck the fats out; when you do that and if you have a very good shape, you will get a very good shape. No tummy tuck, I can give birth again.

“Truthfully, I won’t sit here and lie. I won’t go and do liposuction and come and sit here and lie that I dieted. No…! I did my lipo in a way that I can give birth again.”

“I feel that the nature of my work requires that I have a good body and while I am growing, there have been many changes in my body so if I feel that I have fat in my tummy and go to the biggest hospital and get the fat off my tummy; my body was not flat but physically you will see that it has become soft; there is also tummy tuck with that one, you will go under the knife like having a caesarean section (CS); with that one, you will look like a baby; so, I chose the lipo because I can’t stand the pain…I just wanted the fat to go off,” she further added.