I Ignore Bad Publicity – Chioma Goodhair



CO-FOUNDER of a prestigious hair company, Goodhair, and a restaurateur, Chioma Ikokwu, better known as Chioma Goodhair, has opened up about how she ignores bad publicity in the media space to protect her mental health.

Chioma Goodhair, who doubles as a cast member of the Real Housewives of Lagos has been under media scrutiny following her disagreement and altercation with fellow cast members including fashion enthusiast Toyin Lawani known as Tiannah, Faith Morey, and Mariam Timmer in season two of the reality show.

Speaking in an interview with Arise News lifestyle television show Perspectives, on the topic ‘Life After Reality Television’, Chioma Goodhair indicated that ever since she was featured on the reality show she has come across a lot of negative comments from trolls and bloggers in the entertainment industry but ignores them to safeguard her mental health.

“I ignore bad publicity; I don’t entertain it because my mental health is key. If I am being completely honest, I am a very strong person and if something is not true or does not necessarily affect my day-to-day activities, I don’t give it any attention, and I don’t give it any thought,” she told the host, Ruth Osime.

Chioma Goodhair further indicated, “I don’t respond to negativity. I don’t reply because sometimes you have trolls that will come online and say defamatory things about you. I don’t respond to them.

“I give them no attention because I have found that when you give it attention it fuels them up. With the bloggers, the more you act like you care or are bothered or fight them. They come for you back to back, and they attack you even further so I just completely avoid it.”

As a successful businesswoman who is used to the limelight, Chioma Goodhair has been experiencing new heights of visibility and popularity as a cast member of Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Lagos, the first Nigerian iteration of the widely-watched Bravo franchise.