I Regret Not Learning How To Sew – Patience Nyarko

Renowned gospel artist Patience Nyarko expresses deep regret for not acquiring sewing skills, citing it as a missed opportunity to navigate current economic challenges.

In an interview on Adom TV, Nyarko revealed her father advised her to pursue sewing after Junior High School, but she overlooked that counsel due to the perceived undervaluation of sewing at the time.

Now however she feels she missed an opportunity to create additional income and navigate the current economic challenges through sewing.

“One thing I regret in my entire life is not listening to my father’s advice to learn sewing. In those days people underrated sewing so it was not attractive. How I could have been sewing my dress with my style but, unfortunately, I didn’t,” she disclosed.

“Right now, I have lost interest in earning it. It pains me that I did not learn how to sew because it would have helped me to manage myself in this time of economic crisis,” she said.