I Still Rehearse Roles In My Mirror – Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro

Many people think Yvonne Okoro has come of age in acting and does not need to do much to deliver her roles perfectly, but the award-winning actress says otherwise.

She says she is always on the move, learning to improve and enhance her craft as an actress.

According to her, she does not believe in the school of thought that she is already a good actress and therefore should sit back.

Speaking on Angel TV on Wednesday, she said she still rehearses her scripts with her family members and in front of her mirror just as she used to do when she started out as a young actress years ago.

She always watches a lot of movies to learn from other established actors.

“You need to improve on your craft. People always think that once you are an actress you have to sit back and that is it. But there are times I watch a lot of movies to learn. I am signed to a lot of these streaming platforms to watch some of these movies. I watch Meryl Streep and how she acted out a particular situation. Sometimes when I receive a script, I give it to my sister Roseline or mom to rehearse with them. I also practise in the mirror. But now people don’t practise. It is like they are comfortable,” she indicated.

Yvonne Okoro is currently returning onto the big screens in the new movie, ‘Fix Us’, which premieres on December 6 at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall.

She is playing the role of Chioma, one of the three young ladies in the movie who set out to be famous actresses, only to realise that being famous comes with a lot of other pressures.

By Francis Addo