Group ‘Breaks Away’ From Ghana

The secession project of some separatists in the Volta Region has progressed to a disturbing notch as their octogenarian leader Charles Komi Kudzordzi, alias Papavi Hogbedetor, declares independence of Western Togoland.

His recent brush with the law during which he was detained for a while after his secessionist activities came under the radar of the national security apparatus has not impacted his provocative bid.

After the rather ‘phony’ declaration of independence from Ghana, his Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) has been championing their cause of announcing their intention of seeking recognition from the United Nations.

They have also claimed they are in the process of selecting their ministers of state.

The octogenarian dared the security agencies, as it were, when he committed the criminal act of declaring independence in the Volta Regional capital of Ho last Saturday.

He left followers of Ghana’s early post-independence history when during the declaration he traced in Ewe, the chequered history of the Volta Region from its status as a German protectorate, joined to the Gold Coast for the formation of the independent Ghana in 1957 after a plebiscite.

The political journey for him was fraught with illegalities, something he did not hide from his speech.

Inciting Mission

The octogenarian appeared primed for the occasion as he went about inciting his audience and indeed the people of Volta Region against the government.

The recent budget statement of government, he told his audience, omitted the Volta Region, saying “we’ve all witnessed what happened recently when we (Volta Region) were forgotten by the government in its budget. Can a parent forget about their children? We’re not their children, so they have forgotten about us.”

From midnight

“From midnight of November 16, 2019 entering into Sunday, November 17, 2019, we’re now Western Togoland state,” he said.

There was an expected jubilation from the ecstatic crowd which listened to him after which they danced to the borborbor, a traditional Ewe act.

Even before the import of his action could be digested by observers close to the scene in the general area of a Police Training School in Ho, he has moved away from the scene in a vehicle, an action which bore the traits of a well rehearsed project.

Should they be arrested that would be the third time that they would be picked up for seeking secession from Ghana.

To underscore their seriousness, they have announced the creation of structures to run the ‘newly independent country.’

The ‘breakaway country’ has created the various attributes of sovereign countries such as currency which is called Volts, Coat of Arms and now preparing to appoint ministers.

As of press time, there was no word from the security agencies considering the fact that the act being a treasonable felony should have had the actors arrested already. 

By A.R. Gomda