I Won’t Disclose My Husband’s Identity – Mzbel



Songstress, Mzbel, has stated that she is not revealing to the public the identity of the man she recently had a baby with.

In an interview with UTV on Saturday, she indicated that she has taken that decision to protect her relationship with the man.

“Because of Ghanaians and their attitude, it is difficult for me to reveal the identity of my husband. If I put it out I will expect that people will be happy for me and celebrate with me but they won’t do that. They will rather go and do their investigation about your partner to see who he dated before or had a child with. They will do everything to destroy the relationship. It is just beautiful I was pregnant and in sharing with my fans, my partner will stand by me. But it won’t end well at the end of the day…so I try not to put certain things out there…,” she noted.

Ever since Mzbel took delivery of her new bundle of joy, many showbiz observers have been asking for the identity of the baby’s father.

From the hospital to the baby’s outdooring, the man has conspicuously been missing from photos documenting the baby’s welcome to this world.

Mzbel says if she revealed his identity, she can’t control what people will say about him and the possibility of it ruining their marriage.