I’ll Ban Sarkodie If I Have My Way – Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta, Sarkodie


Musician and radio presenter, Blakk Rasta, has said if he has his way, he will ban Sarkodie’s music for some time and strip him off his ambassadorial deals due to how he handled his abortion case with actress Yvonne Nelson.

Blakk who was speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz, said it was awkward  for Sarkodie to release the song, “Try Me” punctuated with vulgar lyrics to respond to Yvonne Nelson’s claim that he impregnated her in 2010, drove her to have an abortion and left her to her fate.

According to Blakk, Sarkodie did not handle the issue in a mature way as he questioned who counsels the musician.

“For Yvonne, she wrote a masterpiece. I feel so good when I read this book. I wish she mentioned some names she hid in the book but Sarkodie’s response is nothing. And if I had my own way, I’d strip him off all his ambassadorial deals and ban his music for a certain period for looking down on womanhood.”

On June 18, 2023, Yvonne Nelson released a memoir titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ which detailed some life experiences including her encounter with Sarkodie and her search for her father. She stated how she had to abort the pregnancy because Sarkodie was not in support of keeping the pregnancy and how she thought of saving the child the pain she (Yvonne) has been through having grown up without a father.

Sarkodie responded with a song explaining that Yvonne should not make it seem as though he “was the one pushing for abortion” because the actress, among others, rejected the idea of his doctor attending to her; instead, opted for a doctor her friend suggested, claiming “he is the best”.

He rapped that Yvonne should not claim to be a good girl because she is for the streets, adding that if she wants to talk, she should list the men she has slept with because he thought she “was cool” until he “had a hint” about her sexual escapes at the time.

For Blakk Rasta, the response is in bad taste, especially coming from Sarkodie.

“Sarkodie refused to see that this is a woman who was born without a father; she’s still looking for her father,” Blakk Rasta indicated.

“This is a woman who has gone through hell. So, I don’t expect the corporate Sarkodie who wants everybody to see that he is the industry darling boy to come out with this vulgarity. You’re immature. You never look down on people like that. Who advises Sarkodie,” he added.