I’m A Football Fanatic

 President Akufo Addo

President Akufo Addo has described himself as the number one football fan in the country.

To the president, his love for the globular game knows no bounds and has expressed the wish that football works again.

He revealed that the formation of the GFA-FIFA Normalization Committee are steps to ensure that what happened in the past is corrected to improved the game in the country.

The president expressed the hope at last Wednesday’s Meet the Press session that the NC succeeds in reforming Ghana football.

The president said “I think that the fundamental arrangement and the rest of the administration of football which FIFA has implemented all these years is still the right way which is essentially, football should be the responsibility of football people and as much as possible government should keep out of the administration of football.”

He added “There is nobody in this country who loves football more than me and I say that as a matter of record that nobody in Ghana loves football more than me. Anybody that knows me will say I’m a fanatic.

“That is my hope and I think it should be the hope of all us. I’m hoping, that the people who have been put on that Normalisation Committee, certainly from what I know of all them; these are very upright, straightforward, intelligent, capable Ghanaians.

“I think that they are going to lead the process of a more sane football administration, making rules that will be more transparent in the way things are done.’”

”The interests of we – the spectators and audience, the interest of those who put money in football, the interest of the administrators, the interest of the players, the clubs…It’s a whole bundle of things.

“We have to be able to find a way of linking them together.”

Last June’s Tiger Eye PI documentary on football has frozen activities of the sport, however, the NC has announced its resumption early next year.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum