Interior Minister Warns Against Election Violence, Pledges Peaceful Transition If Defeated In 2024 Elections

Henry Quartey


In a stern declaration aimed at curbing potential violence surrounding the 2024 general elections, the Minister of the Interior, Henry Quartey, has issued a resolute warning that individuals inciting violence during the electoral processes will face the full force of the law, irrespective of their political allegiance.

The Minister’s statement comes in the wake of reported incidents of violence during the ongoing limited voter registration exercise, which culminated in the arrest of the Member of Parliament for Asutifi South, Collins Dauda, at certain centers.
Speaking to the media in Accra, Henry Quartey underscored his office’s unwavering commitment to upholding a peaceful electoral process.

“Let me reiterate once more, You are aware of my convictions, and I lead by example. Anyone who strays from the designated path will face the consequences, as we will ensure that the law takes its due course and the appropriate legal actions are pursued,” cautioned Henry Quartey.

The Minister further emphasized that any measures taken against individuals inciting violence would be devoid of political bias.
He reiterated, “Whether it is an opposition member or a ruling party affiliate, justice will prevail through the legal system.”

Moreover, Henry Quartey expressed the ruling New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) stance on the upcoming elections, assuring that should the party face defeat, they would gracefully transfer power to the victors.

“As a party, we have faith that the people of Ghana will recognize our achievements and grant us another term by God’s grace.
However, let it be known that if the people decide otherwise, we will embrace the democratic process with dignity, peacefully relinquishing power for a smooth transition, and strategize for another opportunity in the future,” declared the Minister.

In a final note of optimism, Henry Quartey concluded, “We hold fast to our belief in the benevolence of God. We look ahead with confidence that we shall exceed the 8-year cycle, but should circumstances dictate otherwise, we are committed to a peaceful and orderly transfer of power. Let us uphold the sanctity of our democracy and ensure that the 2024 elections are conducted in a spirit of peace and unity.”


By Vincent Kubi