Jackie Appiah Faces Criticism Over Weight Loss

Jackie Appiah


Actress Jackie Appiah is facing criticism over her admission to a significant weight loss journey.
The actress has recently been rumored to have undergone a gastric sleeve surgery, leading to a noticeable and rapid transformation in her physique.

The one-time curvy and round figure now appears considerably thinner, particularly around her hip area.
The drastic changes in her body have not gone unnoticed, with many expressing criticism and disappointment in the actress’ altered appearance.
Amidst the rumors and backlash, Jackie Appiah took to Instagram to share a ‘before and after’ photo, teasing an upcoming video where she plans to reveal her weight loss secret.
In the caption, she wrote, “Get ready for the big reveal! I’ll be sharing my weight loss secret in an exclusive video soon. Take a look at the flier and guess which products I’ve been using. Comment your answers and tag the brand for a chance to win a pack of my weight loss secrets! Let’s do this together!.”
This announcement, rather than quelling criticism, intensified the backlash, with the post accumulating thousands of comments expressing diverse opinions on Jackie’s transformation.