John Kumah’s Death: Absurd Prophesy And Infantile Conspiracy Theories

The late John Kumah


Let me be very blunt today. Those who are attributing the death of Hon. John Kumah to poisoning are simply fools and irresponsible.  I am not against anyone who wants a probe into the death of the young man but I am very mad at those who continue to say the guy was poisoned without any prove.

Here in Ghana, we have illiterate literates who cannot read between the lines and are easily carried away because of politics. They simply don’t think before opening their mouths to speak.  They are those I always refer to as persons with madness embedded in their stomachs.

Apart from Muslims who bury their corpses within 24 hours after their death, others don’t do so.  Some corpses can be in the mortuaries for many years before their burial.  If a family doubts the circumstances that led to the death of their love ones, Medical Doctors are ever ready to conduct a postmortem to establish the causes of their death.

Nobody, including yours sincerely has ever said that the late President of Ghana, Prof. Atta Mills was poisoned. What people, including his family members are saying is that his autopsy report must be released for us to know the causes of his death so that we can do something to avoid similar thing happening to our future presidents.  The argument is that as the former president of Ghana, he was the property of the whole nation.  We fed him, clothed him, paid his salaries, took care of his personal security, etc. And so as the First Gentleman of the land, we as citizens deserve to know the causes of his death.

This half-baked journalist who calls himself Captain Smart has been commissioned to do the dirty job of one particular political party but he is not smart enough.  All what he has is an over-bloated ego and ability to rant, rave and insult which will be deflated sooner than later as he continues to mess around. If you want to be smart, you have to be clever.

Before the death of Mr. John Kumah, this Captain Smart guy predicted that the man will be poisoned and when he died he said at a point in time he was present when the man was poisoned. Absolute nonsense! It stands to reason that he knows those behind the poisoning of the man if indeed he was poisoned. He is acting like the child who runs to hide behind the door, thinking that he is hiding from the one who is pursuing him.

If a person dies and you want to know what led to his death, the best thing you can do is to call for the coroner’s report or autopsy report from qualified Medical Doctors. I don’t think Captain Smart has ever held a stethoscope before, and yet he is acting like a surgeon or a pathologist.  Can this empty braggart prove that Mr. John Kumah was poisoned if he is challenged to do so? The fact that journalists cannot be forced to tell their sources of information doesn’t mean journalists can run amok and take the rights of citizens for granted.

Anytime I listen to this braggart I curse the day I chose to be trained as a journalist. Anyway, when we were, where was Captain Smart, the modern day Don Quixote? You see, the guy is making money through blackmail, thinking all Ghanaians are fools. His days of borrowed glory are numbered.  Ghanaians have the patience of the vulture.  They wait until the animal stops breathing before they devour it.

Was it not the same Captain Smart who said that he personally knew the Takoradi woman who lied that she was kidnapped when she was pregnant? Captain Smart told Ghanaians that he could put his hand in the fire and swear that the woman was pregnant and that he knew the woman very well, but it turned out that after all, the woman was not pregnant and neither was she kidnapped.  He has since kept silent on the issue because he has no shame.

If readers will recall, it was an election year and the guy was commissioned to peddle that lie to discredit the ruling NPP.  His naked lies coincided with the kidnapping of the three Takoradi girls so he thought by flying that kite, the country will look ungovernable. God punished him when the truth came out. When the Western Regional Minister tried to set records straight, Mr. Know-Everything insolently told the man that he was talking foolishly like a politician from the Northern Region.

What an insult to those of us from the North, including the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. John Mahama, his paymaster and the Vice President.  And yet he had some NDC Parliamentarians from the North clapping for him.  Very sad indeed! He is at it again in this election year.  But somebody should tell this Johnny Just Come (JJC) that this time he will not have it easy.

When the going was tough and the tough kept moving on in the revolutionary days where was this village bully? Ask Kwaku Baako, Haruna Atta, Kwasi Pratt.  We swam in a crocodile infested river and survived.  Captain Smart should always be grateful to Mr. Kufuor and the NPP for repealing the Criminal Libel Law.  He would have been serving time in prison by now.

There is also this crook who calls himself ‘Prophet’ Nigel Gaisie who is fooling around, thinking that he can fool Ghanaians like he fooled John Mahama in the run-up to the 2020 General Election.  “Prophet Sexy Thing”, a trickster of the utmost fame, said he prophesised that John Kumah will be harmed and he called him for him to go to him so that he would warn him, but Mr. Kumah  did not go to him.

You see how swindlers and 419 ‘prophets’ act?  Nigel Gaisie just wanted to swindle John Kumah but it didn’t work. When God revealed to Prophet Nathan about the wicked deed of King David, the holy prophet did not invite the King to his house to tell him what God told him. He rather went to the palace of the king to warn him of his evil deed. Equally, prophet Jeremiah approached the king of Israel to warn him of what was going to happen to him and the people of Israel, for forsaking God who brought them from the land of Egypt and instead worshipped idols.

Today, fake prophets have taken full control in Ghana politics, predicting who will win and who will lose in the elections.  It is business time as they blackmail politicians. They warn them to either come to them for blessings or lose the elections and politicians too easily fall prey to the tricks of these charlatans.  Full stop.

By Eric Bawah