Kabila Contests For CPP General Secretary Slot

James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr

James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr on Wednesday affirmed his commitment to contest for the General Secretary slot of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) at the party’s August 15, National Delegates Congress.

Mr Bomfeh popularly known as Kabila who is campaigning on the theme: “Tried, Tested, Proven and Trusted noted that his loyalty to the Nkrumaists tradition over the years puts him way ahead of any contestant.

“Sometimes I have been the sole defender of the CPP tradition across the media landscape, my loyalty, commitment and solid understanding of the political sphere will catapult the party to perform creditable in this year’s elections,” Mr Bomfeh also known as Kabila told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

In October 2018, the Central Committee of the CPP unanimously after a meeting on October 24, 2018 appointed Mr Bomfeh as the CPP Acting General Secretary and J. B. Daniels as Deputy General Secretary.

Mr Bomfeh had served the CPP as the Director of Elections and the Youth Organiser.

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