Keep Off The Religious Tangent


Some persons vying to bear the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flag in the next presidential race should consider as a matter of urgency reining in their campaigners to avoid introducing faith into the campaign.

In a secular state such as ours where multiple faiths prevail, any attempt at introducing religion in the campaign would definitely be counterproductive and would suggest that those they are campaigning for do not meet the criteria to lead this country.

Such leaders should immediately denounce their campaigners who are moving on these dangerous tangent actions which do not inure to the national interest.

We would not be moved by such imbecile and selfish attempts at muddying the political waters of an otherwise peaceful country like ours.

What level of intelligence and patriotism does a person have when he defines another contender as coming from a particular faith and therefore, unqualified to be considered for political leadership of this country?

To quote one journalist, ‘the NPP is not going into an internal election to elect a Pope through a conclave but a flagbearer.’ We could not agree more.

Being responsible in our interactions with others especially, when we want to convince such persons to be on our side does not entail such unwarranted remarks.

Those contending for the most coveted status in their political parties especially, whose campaigners have fallen short of political decency should come out and be counted among who stand with decent campaigners, devoid of such inappropriate and intemperate language and to abandon their assigns who are bent on destroying this country with their acerbic tongues.

If we are unable to move on with our campaigns without such descent into irresponsibility, then we have lost it and should come nowhere near power.

It beats imagination that there are persons who would rather the country is run down if they do not have their way.

Such tongues, which do not help our country’s cohesiveness, should cut off by not being allowed to mount the rostrum to campaign.

All Ghanaians should demand decorum from all political parties. This way, irresponsible persons overwhelmed by the desire to please their bosses regardless of the effects of their remarks would be stopped in their tracks.

Ghana is of course bigger than the selfish political projects of such individuals.

It saddens us that after many days since the inappropriate faith-laced remarks made it to the public space, the leader the source was campaigning for has not deemed it necessary to denounce it.

No party opposition or ruling should toy with the peace of this country. We have grown past ethno-religious politics which has seen the destruction of countries.

In Ghana, we know how to live peacefully. Some families have members of the two main Abrahamic faiths.

Shame unto them who seek to divide this country along faith lines!! They are evil and should be shunned because they do not mean well for Ghana.