Kelvin Taylor Is Nation Wrecker- Muntaka Fumes

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawase in the Ashanti Region, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak has descended heavily on pro National Democratic Congress (NDC) rabble rouser, Kelvin Taylor by describing him as a nation wrecker who is being used to destroy the main opposition political party.

According to him, some bigots in his political party are using Kelvin Taylor to churn out pure lies to cause disaffection between him and supporters of the NDC.

The Minority Chief Whip described Kelvin Taylor as a ‘bigot and ignorant self-styled journalist’ who is misleading gullible people within and outside the main opposition party.

In a recent video, Kelvin Taylor accused the NDC Leaders in Parliament (Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mubarak) of taking advantage of their equal numbers in parliament; to negotiate behind the scenes with the ruling government.

He further alleges that Muntaka has been getting contracts and bribes from the government to cover up issues in parliament.

Kelvin Taylor vowed to expose all the corrupt NDC MPs…. starting from the leadership; Muntaka Mubarak and Haruna Iddrisu.

In the video, Kelvin Taylor advised Muntaka Mubarak against using the Quran, and the name of Allah to cover ‘his corrupt deals’ with the NPP.
He added that, in Muntaka’s statement, he only addressed one allegation (travelling with Nana Addo to the US), but failed to address all other allegations against him; which according to Taylor means, Muntaka is running away from the other allegations.

According to Kelvin Taylor, Muntaka Mubarak must resign immediately, before he (Kelvin Taylor) exposes his “corrupt acts” with the NPP government.
Kelvin added that, he is ready to provide all proves to back his allegations against Muntaka and Haruna.

Kelvin Taylor, who is also the CEO of the Loud Silence Media, based in the United States further stated that, if Muntaka Mubarak and Haruna Iddrisu were not bowing to the NPP government, they would not have approved all the Nana Addo’s appointees; and that if they continue in office as leaders of the NDC caucus in parliament, he would expose them all very soon.

However, Muntaka vehemently refuted all the allegations and fumed at Kevin Taylor for ‘misleading’ the public.

“It’s just unfortunate that I have to respond to a bigot. Somebody who hates our country but pretends to love it. Someone whose stock is just to malign innocent people with lies. Someone that some gullible people tend to believe him.

“I swear by the God I worship that everything I’m going to say is the truth. I’m saying it not because I want to entertain someone like Kevin Taylor but because of the innocent 1001 gullible people across the globe who are finding it difficult to read between the thin lines of someone who is speaking the truth and someone who is lying. I’m not a fan of him. I don’t listen to him but unfortunately his last few episodes seem to consistently mention me and people drew my attention.

“Some well-meaning Ghanaians said don’t respond to him but I’m sorry I cannot continue to hold on when he continues these lies. I’ve had the great privilege of serving the people of Asawase over a decade,” the Asawase MP stated.

He therefore dared Kelvin Taylor to make public whatever evidence he claims to have after cursing him to suffer the same pain he has caused him and his people.

“Kelvin Taylor let me tell you. I challenge you to bring everything that you claim to have, I am very ready for you. Let me start by saying that I don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. I work for my constituency but you see the kind of allegations that you are leveling is shocking that you claim to be a journalist and you know the tenets of good journalism. The tenets of journalism is that when you have facts you claim to have, you give people that the so called concern the fact to authenticate or otherwise. You crosscheck and you don’t just go talking on top of your head because probably somebody might give you wrong information so you use it to run.

“You see, you are not decent. Decent people when they hear things they try to crosscheck. You are so naive about the things that we do. You see this lies that you’ve told about I’ll never forgive you. God will punish you and you will go through the pain you have put me and my people. You said we are agent. You are an agent of NPP who is trying to destroy the NDC. You claim you speak for NDC but it is only Nana Akufo-Addo you speak against.”

The Minority Chief Whip challenges Kelvin Taylor to step foot in Ghana and see how he will be bombarded with legal suits, saying that “If You claim you’re courageous then come to Ghana and make this your allegation and see whether we will sue you and to show how foolish you are. How old are you?

“You sit there because you’ve no manners, you are not cultured and talk anyhow to people like your father’s age mate.”

He described Kelvin Taylor an agent hired to destroy the party, asking the NDC to disassociate itself from him.

Touching on receiving contracts and favours from the ruling government’s appointees, he said that although he shares close ties with Napo, his constituency witnessed no benefits from his reign as Education Minister.

“Whoever told you that I met KK Sarpong and Napo … I can’t remember the last time I met him. We are brothers, grew up together, his father was like a father to me but I challenge you. You claim he has given me a contract, I challenge you to name any contract I have received from Napo.

“If you care to know all the classroom blocks that MPs fight for during GETFund formula for their constituency, not even one has been built during the tenure of NAPO. Because if I get it and I take to the district, they frustrate it. Check the contract I brought and see whether any of the contractors has any relations with me. Those classroom blocks, I brought companies but they were not done. I complained to Napo severally,” he said in a video shared on his Facebook timeline.

By Vincent Kubi