Kids Mock Me Over ‘Two Minutes’ Sex Tag- Funny Face

Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face, says he used to be disturbed by kids in his area in Kasoa calling him a two-minute man due to allegations that he could not last more than two minutes in bed.

In 2017, the Cow & Chicken actor made headlines after his ex-wife, Elizabeth Ntim, allegedly said that he could not last more than two minutes in bed.

Funny had denied the claim. The ex-wife also denied saying that but the comedian has since been trolled and mocked over the allegation.

In an interview with Delay, he reveals that the ‘two minutes’ tag messed with his emotions.

“I have a connection with kids. It was them that made the issue get to me more. When they see me, they mock me all the time. Sometimes when they spot me in town, they whistle, and raise their two fingers in reaction to the 2 minutes claim. Other times they chase me while singing ‘Opete 2 minutes, Opete 2 minutes. when you ask where they heard it, they’ll tell you it’s from their parents. I was shocked that parents discussed me in front of their children in their homes. It started as a joke but it became serious and things got really worse.”