Kofi Mante Drops ‘Bad Boy’ Featuring Bisa Kdei

Kofi Mante 


Gifted musician and composer, Kofi Mante, who is known for many songs, has dropped a new single titled ‘Bad Boy’.

The tastefully composed mid-tempo hit with Bisa Kdei is currently becoming popular in the music industry.

The song’s inventiveness is equally admirable, and it is anticipated to garner overwhelmingly positive reviews from music enthusiasts around the country in addition to frequent airplay on many radio stations.

Kofi Mante views the chance to work with Kdei on his most recent song, ‘Bad Boy’, as a celebration of Ghanaian culture and the enduring appeal of highlife music, in addition to being a creative venture.

Speaking about his partnership with Bisa Kdei, Kofi Mante stated that the collaboration is a significant turning point in his career that would propel him to the top of the Ghanaian music landscape.

Kofi Mante honours the heritage of highlife music with ‘Bad Boy’, incorporating parts of the genre’s distinctive sound into the song.

The song perfectly encapsulates Ghanaian culture with its catchy rhythms and heartfelt melodies, taking listeners to a place where music perfectly unites old and contemporary tradition.

Upon reflection, Mante was quick to hail Kdei as the ‘face of Ghanaian music’, recognising his contribution to preserving the highlife culture for a global audience.

Kofi Mante found inspiration in the sounds of his own country deep in Suhum, where ancient rhythms blend with modern beats.

‘Bad Boy’ reminds us of the enduring attraction of highlife music, and the legacy of musicians like Bisa Kdei, as it continues to enchant listeners worldwide.

Kofi Mante, who is from Suhum, a village renowned for its rich cultural legacy, has always been motivated by his passion for music.

Kofi Mante is dedicated to pushing limits and creating new grounds as he continues to promote ‘Bad Boy’ and broaden his musical horizons.