Lazy People Watch Movie For An Hour– Yaw Dabo

Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo is at the receiving end of a lot of criticism over an unpleasant statement he made about people who patronize movies.
The diminutive actor said only lazy people spend time watching movies.
According to him, the world is now about making money and not spending time watching movies.
“Where the world is going now, everything is about money. So anyone who will sit for an hour to watch a movie is a lazy person,” he allegedly told Saddick Adams.
The statement however didn’t go down well with some sections of the society. This is especially because he is an actor who once encouraged people to patronize his movies. Many people have asked if they don’t watch his movie how can he become a successful actor.
The statement is believed to be a drawback to calls for a vibrant movie industry in Ghana.


By Francis Addo