Lilwin Disappoints Fans Over Funny Face Brouhaha

Lilwin and Funny Face

Actor Lilwin has refused to respond to new allegations levelled against him by fellow comedian Funny Face, after going live on Instagram Wednesday evening.

He left many of his followers disappointed by ignoring their calls on him to address Funny Face’s issue.

On Tuesday, the Cow & Chicken actor and producer threw some verbal punches at Lilwin, Kalybos and Bismark The Joke, tagging them as ungrateful.

In a viral video, Funny Face alleged that they have been spreading lies about him and dared them to deny or he would reveal all their dirty secrets.

 “Funny Face you’ve been destroyed for too long. Come out Lil Win, Kalybos, Bismark The Joke. What have I done to you?” he asked in the video and cursed one of the three friends in other subsequent videos.

Funny Face also asked the three comedians to utter the word ‘FIM’ if they are real men, and he would tell the world their dirty secrets.

On Wednesday when Lilwin announced he was going live on Instagram at 5:00pm, many of his followers had thought that he was going to call Funny Face’s bluff and say ‘FIM’. 

But surprisingly and very uncharacteristic of him, he could not utter a word about Funny Face. 

His talk started 20 minutes past the publicized time of 5:00pm. It had about 3K social media users watching the live feed at the time. He rather shared call credits to his fans and thanked the fans, who he said have been supportive of his career.

He pledged not to do anything that would make him disappoint his fans, adding that nobody can bring him down except God who has the sole right. But regardless of what he said, some of the fans were left disappointed and others happy.Some lashed out at the comic actor for wasting their data and time, while others expressed their excitement at what they call maturity at how he (Lilwin) handled the issue by not addressing it.

By Francis Addo