Mahama: Desperation, Vacillation (1)

John Mahama


We have said time and again that the flagbearer of the NDC, John Mahama, is desperate. Since he was elected in May this year, he has not been able to put together any policy direction for the country.

Over the last two weeks, Mahama has put two policy initiatives before the people. His moves expose him as a desperate politician behaving like a drowning man who would clutch at the straw.

Someone put it this way that, Mahama has nothing new to offer except “a desperado who is determined to clutch at the straw. If that were not the case, how does Mr Mahama think that a 24-hour economy would resonate with our voters?

We wonder how Mr Mahama who ever steered the affairs of state think that a 24-hour economy holds the key to our economic woes. Is there any wonder that a few days after his announcement, Mahama comes around to change the goal post saying the policy would be voluntary but would not be forced on the players?

We ask again, is Mahama in Ghana and knows how private sector players do their business based on the demands of the market? Most food vendors operate a 24-hour economy in most of our economically active locations in Accra.

These traders at Pokuase, Madina, East Legon, Osu, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Kaneshie, Odorkor and Kasoa do not sleep and prepare food for those who need their services everyday. Even commercial motor riders in our villages operate virtually 24/7 and for which reason some indomie sellers stay on to serve them.

And again when Mahama was President, what briefs did he get from his men and women that most services were ran for 24 hours? Our hospitals operated 24 hours, water and electricity services never closed their doors to the customers, one could renew his or her National Health Insurance card at any time and while depending on market demands, most factories operate 24-hour services. Has Mahama got any new thing beyond propaganda to put before the people?

We have served notice that Election 2024 would be a contest of ideas but not operate like the computer where the operators believe in garbage in, garbage out. Ghanaians are very discerning now and they would not swallow Mahama’s promises hook, line and sinker.

If Mr Mahama is truly minded to rescue Ghana, then the people expect him to be serious and unveil workable policies. For now, it appears the NDC thinks that based on the economic challenges of the country, any promises would be received well by the electorate.

We need pragmatic policies that would turn the corner completely and set the economy on the path of total recovery. What Mahama has prescribed is just a big joke and holds no panacea to our economic malaise.

Mahama thinks as a nation we no longer think big, hence his promise to NDC supporters that they should expect him to introduce small poultry businesses for his supporters.

As if that is not enough, take a listen to a presidential candidate promising to abolish licensure examination for teachers. How can a government worth its name be thinking of cancellation of examination for teachers meant to improve learning outcomes?