Major Healthcare Option Launched

Some officials of the partnering organisations after the launch

A digitized healthcare product has been floated — the outcome of a partnership between telecommunications giant, Vodafone, and leading insurers, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance.

The unique product enables customers to access quality healthcaredialing*110# from any Vodafone number. This done, customers will be able to access three distinctive plans – Akoma, Sankofa and Gyenyame.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that the demand by customers for flexible payment options as research informed the launch of the product which is unlike any other in the country.

Commenting on the initiative, Martinson Obeng-Agyei, Head of Mobile Financial Services at Vodafone Ghana, said,
“The culture of innovation that exists within Vodafone propels us to continuously deliver ground-breaking products and services. This unique product is a true reflection of our passion for innovation and health. We know from insights that cost is one of the challenges that deter Ghanaians from seeking quality healthcare.”

“We want our customers to feel empowered to access quality healthcare services. We are confident that this partnership will definitely improve access to healthcare and redefine the industry’s approach to develop insurance products,” he added.

Speaking at the launch, Beatrice Amponsah, CEO, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, said, “Cosmo remains optimistic that the newly introduced package will offer subscribers reliable and guaranteed access to quality healthcare. Since 2014, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance (CHI) has been at the forefront of the health insurance sector, delivering on its mandate.”

She stated, “Our strategic objective is to provide excellent and professional customer services to our clients and we are excited that this product, which is in partnership with Vodafone Ghana, delivers that.’’

Per the arrangement, customers can choose the minimum plan, Ankoma and pay GH¢5 per month in order to enjoy an insurance cover worth GH¢80 per day. Customers will receive GH¢100 cover per day when they select the Sakofa plan and pay GH¢8 premium monthly.

Customers can also subscribe to the Gyenyame plan, which offers an insurance cover of GH¢150 per day by paying GH¢10 monthly.

The successful indigenous company operates per Act 852 of the National Health Insurance Law (2012) as a health insurance company, with the aim of providing excellent and professional customer service to its clients.

Nationwide, the company enjoys a comprehensive partnership with over 700 accredited Health Service Providers.