Malicious Imagination


It is preposterous to imagine that names of supporters of a particular party can be expunged from the voters’ register. How can you even think about this possibility with a desperate party, masters of the rigging game, breathing down your shoulders and sniffing for anomalies?

Equally outlandish is to think that this is being done as part of a political project.

Those who spread such mischievous and unfounded allegations are not nincompoops who do not know what they are about. They are on a journey to rob the register of deference and public confidence.

Only those who are used to electoral thieveries using willing EC staff under a previous administration would be suspicious of new persons at the controls.

Ghana having climbed many notches on the election integrity chart, from the days of the opaque ballot boxes to an IT-driven electoral process, is light years from the period when electoral thefts could be perpetuated with impunity, of course, under the NDC.

The events of the last elections say it all about how impossible it is in today to manipulate the electoral process without being exposed even by primary level IT learners.

For those who saw Charlotte as an angel at the throttles of the EC at the time there was just nothing she could do to overturn the true reflection of the wishes of Ghanaians. It was not for nothing that she cried ‘they have hacked into our system’ when her project failed to fly. There was no such hacking. She just failed in her bid to ‘help her people.’

Those who are screaming at the top of their voices and even suspending their unimpressive campaign tour of the Bono Region over an imaginary manipulation of the register are merely on an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ exercise.

The essence of an exhibition exercise under the circumstances which is hinged upon a relevant law is to allow for errors to be corrected.

Making the current exhibition look like a demon by an NDC on a demolition mission cannot be right. Every provisional voters’ register remains a document waiting for detectable anomalies to be corrected as by law established. So what is the NDC claiming? That the existence of a correctable margin of error makes the register unacceptable? Sounds mischievous and somewhat crazy we can bet.

Even with so-called clean voters register which supposedly went through exhibitions in previous times, the NDC exploited them for their rigging projects. ‘The finger of God’ shall always prevail as it did previously. After all, the battle is still the Lord’s and the ongoing cacophony too shall pass like others from the NDC arsenal.